“Seeking the One Whom We Love: How RSCJs Pray”

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“What difference does it make how you pray
provided your heart is seeking the One whom you love?”

—Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat


“Prayer is a profound mystery.  It is utterly mysterious that we can be in relationship with God, that we can be drawn into the very life of God. It is beyond imagining that God has planted this desire for intimacy in our hearts. It is a mystery that this yearning for union is a mutual love and longing, God’s and ours, a mutual thirst and desire, every bit as much on God’s part as on ours. And because prayer is essentially about relationship, there are as many ways of praying as there are human hearts turned to the divine.”  

          With these words, the editors introduce Seeking the One Whom We Love, a collection of fifty-five reflections on prayer by Religious of the Sacred Heart.  These are not reflections on what we think about prayer or what we have read about prayer.  They are, rather, glimpses of the way each one has nurtured and sustained her relationship with God.  While the essays differ in almost every way, there are a few striking commonalities. For one thing, they illustrate that deep longing for God and a contemplative way of life that was also St. Madeleine Sophie’s passion. They also illustrate a commitment to a life of prayer, in times of struggle every bit as much as times of consolation and delight. Above all, the bedrock of these essays is what binds Religious of the Sacred Heart together: a common search for the One whom we love, a struggle with the tension of being wholly contemplative and wholly apostolic, and a longing to make God’s love visible in the heart of the world.  

          The book is currently available on Amazon and will be available for distribution more broadly in the near future. 

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