Some highlights of our life together…..

Photo Credit: Magdolna Zsófia Sacré Coeur (CEU-Hungary)

"Within this body, life flows,
weaving different kinds of connections,
bringing energy and flexibility to each part."  
(2016 General Chapter) 
Here are five photos of recent "significant moments" in the life of 
our communities, provinces, or regions in different parts of the world.

USC Cor Unum 65+
Cor Unum 65+, a group of RSCJ who entered the novitiate after 1969, 
met from March 16-19 at San Damiano Franciscan retreat centre in Danville, California. 
This year's meeting was the most international yet, thanks to many visitors to the USC province and the international English speaking novitiate.  People were also able to participate from long-distance, thanks to the use of FacebookLive for broadcasting input sessions and prayers.  Margo Ritchie CSJ and Pat Kozak CSJ facilited our days together and focused on contemplative dialogue and spiral theory as lenses for looking at the calls of General Chapter 2016. These were days of prayer, input, sharing, and the deep joy of being together as sisters.

Sacred Heart Schools in Taipei
The teachers and staff of the Sacred Heart Schools in Taipei each had a whole day workshop entitled "Sacred Heart Educators:  Responding to the Calls and Orientations of General Chapter 2016." Joy Luz from the Philippine District, and Stella and Kim Eun Jeong from the KOC Province formed the team of animators.  Sun Chihwei, Chang Manling, and Kim Sook Hee likewise participated in the workshops.
"Though there are many challenges ahead of us, we are not afraid to embrace the future; for we realize that internationality is a precious grace for all the Sacred Heart Schools. We are not alone. We not only have common educational goals, but together we are also called to respond to the Calls of the General Chapter.  We draw strength from each other and from the unfailing love of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus." 

Shirlane Wei, Principal of Sacred Heart High School for Girls


CEU – Hungary

Twenty years ago, Mariola Pietrzak rscj came to Hungary from Poland.  
Our Sisters in Hungary came together for a thanksgiving celebration of life and mission.


After two years in the Interprovincial Novitiate in Chile, Gissela Vilchez, Jacquelin Salazar, and Miluska Romero
made their first vows at the Chalet Community in Lima, Peru on the 11th of February. 
“It was a great joy for me to share with the sisters in the province of Perú, and the families and friends of Milu, Jaqui and Gisse, in their beautiful Ceremony of Temporary Profession. An opportunity to give thanks to God, to be able to celebrate with them, witnessing their desire to offer their lives to the Lord in the service of the Kingdom. May Sophie, our older Sister, continue to accompany them on their journey, and may they, like her, allow themselves to be guided by the Spirit, totally docile to Him."
Quena Valdés rscj, Interprovincial Novitiate Community
(Photos and text from the website of RSCJ Chile)

The RSCJ of the Province of Chile came together 
for their Post-General Chapter Assembly on February 2-8, 2017.
"This year's assembly was marked by the Calls of the General Chapter…. 
It was amazing to strongly sense the presence of the Holy Spirit
through the coming together that brought us to our options or priorities."

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