Sophie’s life inspires me

Sophie’s life inspires me in many ways – her desire to make known the love of the Heart of Jesus, reading the signs of the time, her life of prayer, how she faced and handled difficulties.

The fire at the time of her birth became a symbol for Sophie of the love of the Heart of Jesus. She felt called to make Him known to the ends of the world. This desire was realized through the life of our sisters such as Philippine Duchesne and Anna Du Rousier who brought the love of the Heart of Jesus to North and South America, respectively. I feel inspired to love the Lord all my life.  

Sophie saw the need to educate girls and to instill in young people the spirit of adoration. This encourages me to deal with the present. For example, recently I was in Karamoja for my apostolic experience and I was touched by the work of our sisters in their outreach to people in the villages and how people were healed by their loving presence.

When life became challenging, Sophie said, “I look, I listen and I pray”. Being prayerful kept her peaceful; no one ever left her without being happier or nearer to God. This is an invitation for me to live my life pleasing God, totally abandoning myself to His will.

As I reflect on Sophie’s life, I am left in wonder and amazement, with a strong desire to become an RSCJ.


Priscilla Tusasibwe

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