Stations of the Cross in the spirit of Laudato Si’

JPIC-Roma, the USG-UISG JPIC Commission, 
offers us this
Stations of the Cross in the Spirit of Laudato Si’.
“The commemoration of Christ’s Passion is our opportunity each year to take stock of the many ways we have broken our covenant with God and have acted selfishly, seeking to secure our own power and material advantage at the expense of the wellbeing, not just with other persons, but of the whole of creation. It is our opportunity to own that we have neglected our responsibility as stewards, lovers, and nurturers of God’s creation….  While commemorating Christ’s journey to crucifixion, through Pope Francis’ reflections taken from Laudato Si’, each station will acknowledge a significant breaking of our covenant with the entire family of God’s creation. Enable the trees, plants, the rocks, the soil, the water, the birds, and the wind to teach us about these broken relationships. Each station offers prayer for the healing of the dreadful rifts in our covenant with God and all that God has made. May we find the courage and the power to become agents of healing and care of our common home. We are on this journey with our Sister, Mother Earth in a park that embraces that special reality for us. Much of our journey will be along the path that recognizes vibrant women whose courageous lives witnessed to a special care for others.”
This year as we pray the Stations of the Cross, let us bear in our minds and hearts
the suffering of Earth and humanity at this time of global pandemic.


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