Tech-Comm Links: Onboarding Meeting

The International Communication Team welcomes the Tech-Comm Links (Technology and Communication Links) of the different provinces.

The Tech-Comm Link in each of the provinces will build a team of RSCJ and lay persons who can assist in providing the following services:

  1. Participate in self-paced training modules offered by the International Communication Team

  2. Collaborate with those responsible for finance, communications and technology (if there is one) in the development of a plan for the systematic updating of infrastructure and equipment in the Province

  3. Train others in the use of technology based on the needs and interests of the members. (e.g., social media, web content management, video conferencing, etc.) and suggest training tools/support/software as needed

  4. Provide tech support to members as needed

  5. Participate in periodic meetings and online trainings at the regional and international levels to build skills and stay current

Here is the list of Tech-Comm Links.


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