“Together we care more for each other, and build peace”

The day that had been long awaited had arrived! We were going camping!

On the 22nd and 23rd April, the dream of the children in the Santo Domingo Homework Club came true: they were going camping!

This dream was realised by the coming together of a number of groups such the parents, the volunteers in the school support project, and Bubu, Cami and Nano (Volunteers with Mano a Mano Por La Vida, BS, As.) who crossed the river Rio de la Plata to give us a hand, bringing with them lots of games for the children.

The children ranged in age from 6 to 15 years. They enjoyed two days of being at the beach, in touch with nature. Sometimes it was very difficult to catch their attention because they were entranced by the allure of the sand, the river, the crabs…

Besides playing, the children shared in the tasks associated with the holiday, assigned to different teams: cleaning, breakfast, snacks and supper, washing up the dishes, and everybody together looking after the house. 


It was an opportunity to look ahead and work out the school support programme for next year. They promised to look after each other, especially looking out for the youngest, listening to the teachers, doing homework, not fighting, caring for the environment… 


“Together we are learning, early on in childhood, how to care more for each other and build peace.”

The Sisters of our community in Santo Domingo
Montevideo, Uruguay

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