Update on the Villa Lante Renovations – February 2021

It’s now been five months since renovations began at the Villa Lante and a number of important preparatory tasks have been accomplished. Scaffolding has been erected around the building and the existing plumbing and electrical systems have been removed, as all of these will be replaced with more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Significant work has been undertaken to remove floors and ceilings within the building, as well as some internal walls. As expected for a building of this size and age, some issues have been found with the internal structures and additional reinforcements are being added throughout the property to ensure that this renovated property will endure for the next 200 years. Much of the renovations will require the use of a large crane to transport the materials necessary into the building. The crane will be erected at the front of the main doors to the church and due to its size, will require deep foundations. Not surprisingly, when digging for these foundations, the company discovered a sixteenth-century wall. As the wall cannot be damaged, an alternative solution for the foundations is being developed. 

In early February, the Canonical Treasurer General, Sr. Bernadette Porter, and Chief Financial Officer, Helen Harrington, visited the site of the Villa Lante to oversee the progress of the project and to meet with the project team. In the photo gallery to the right and the video below, you can see the renovations in progress.

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