What is Philippine telling us?

Dear Sisters:
A few months ago, thinking of how best to communicate among ourselves and to progress in the building of our Philippine Duchesne Region, we offered two questions for reflection to all communities:
  • What has been your relationship with Philippine and what inspires you?

  • What do you think would Philippine say to us or to what would she invite us as a Region?

There was a great response on the part of all the provinces with very rich and varied reflections.  Some expressed that at one time their relationship with Philippine was distant, including with a certain fear; for others, she has been a key point of reference in their religious life.  However, all coincided in fundamental features and invitations which, read all together, filled us with joy and hope
We have collated the fruit of this reflection into a video.  We invite you quite simply to see it and comment.  There, through images and words, we believe one can hear the voices that come from all corners. 
Feel free to share and use this video in whatever way you like.  We hope that this exercise will continue to help us in knowing and listening to one another and, above all, to listen to the voice of the Spirit who calls to us to live and respond as Philippine did, with great courage and deep faith.
With affection,
Reyna González, rscj      Queny Gredig, rscj       Jacquelin Jiménez, rscj     Clara Malo, rscj      Imma de Stefanis, rscj

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