XVI AMASC World Congress

The AMASC XVI World Congress was held on 22-26 February 2018 in Merida, Mexico. Around 300 alumnae of the Sacred Heart from about 27 countries attended the gathering, which had as its theme:

Sophie’s Legacy, a gift for the world

The participation was deep and thoughtful. They discussed about the future and the new frontiers we are called to cross, about the need for silence and how to act more as one body in the “Family of the Sacred Heart.” Click here for the program of events.

One of the most moving moments was the official welcome of Egypt and Chad as members of AMASC.  

More than 20 RSCJ were present, and this was very much appreciated by the assembly.

The Congress was covered by Diario de Yucatan, a daily newpaper of the region of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Click on the title to access the reports and photos:  

The inauguration

The parade of the flags

Address of Lourdes Velasquez rscj, Provincial of Mexico

Welcoming Egypt and Chad as members of AMASC

The closing of the Congress

Report sent by Clara Malo rscj (MEX)



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