2018 PTV Meeting in Peru

From the 27th of April till the 1st of May,
eleven Professed of Temporary Vows (PTV)
from five provinces met in Pucusana, Peru.  

We shared, prayed and celebrated during those days, deepening our identity as Region. We touched on the human dimension, community, interior life and simple life among the poor. In our conversation we were aware of the current reality in the international Society as well as in our Philippine Duchesne Region and provinces. 

We are meeting one another as sisters, with different initial formation experiences, and these gatherings are helping and strengthening us as PTVs in the Region. We want to continue nourishing and developing our growth in this identity, because we feel not only PTVs of our provinces, but of the Region.

During these days of prayer,  of going deeper and of free and generous sharing, we have felt the strong presence of Philippine Duchesne. Her witness has called us to build a common story that crosses frontiers and strengthens our sense of the body; we believe that the future is already being formed in the here and now, thanks to these Meetings. 
We are grateful for the possibility of seeking ways to try out new responses “to be and to act as One Body.”  May Madeleine Sophie unite us more and more in the Heart of Jesus.
Report sent by Linda Guerrero rscj
Comunicaciones Perú

Back row (from left to right):     
Nancy Durand (PER, director), Virginia Gonçalvez (BRA), Gisela Vilchez (PER), Danila Mego (PER),
Gloria Díaz (COL), Cecilia Chaffo (PER), Linda Guerrero (PER)

Middle row (from left to right:
Lillian Crosby (PER, director), Miluska Romero (PER)   

Front row (from left to right):
María Luisa Franco (PER), Naty Chamorro (CHI),  Jimena O´Neill (ARU),  Jaqui Salazar (PER)


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