215th Anniversary of the Society of the Sacred Heart: A portrait and a song



A few months back, RSCJINTERNATIONAL received two creative works:  
a portrait and a song.
The 215th anniversary of the Society of the Sacred Heart,
which we celebrate on the 21st of November,
seems to be an apt moment to share these artistic expressions.



1)  The Portrait

Marie Gisèle Tram rscj (TCH) sent a photo of a portrait of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat done by one of our students in Tchad.
With pride and joy, she wrote:  

"I would like to send this to the whole Society via our international website. It was a wonderful gift for us…. "

"I have two passions:  the heart of Jesus, and the children."

The young artist's name is Madjilem Francky and he is in Form 8.


2)  The Song

Here is a song composed and sung by Cecilia Rivero Borrell rscj (MEX).  

This is a prayer to Jesus, who loved us to the very end…. whose Pierced Heart is "mystery of love and pain, a saving offering."

Cecilia Rivero Borrell rscj 
Jesús, Corazón traspasado
Amándonos has entregado
La última gota de vida,
Lanzada que abre una herida
Misterio de amor y dolor
Ofrenda de Salvación
Jesús, Corazón traspasado
Que amándonos has entregado
El último aliento de vida
Enséñanos a dar la vida
Misterio de Amor y Dolor
Ofrenda de Salvación

Click on the audio bar below (CORAZÓN TRASPASADO.mp3) to listen to the song.

Please join us in thanking God for the charism and mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Together, too, let us spend a moment in silence,
and pray for PEACE in our wounded world.

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