AMASC and Sacred Heart Alumni Associations

AMASC joins associations of Sacred Heart alumni from 36 countries around the world

Today, more than 20,000 people from 36 different countries around the world have chosen to join a Sacred Heart alumni association.  Out of loyalty to the values they learned during their schooling, these members have decided to continue to see each other, to help each other, and to put themselves at the service of humanity by supporting the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in the educational missions they are currently working on. 

Created in 1966 at the request of the then Superior General, Mother de Vallon, the World Association of Former Sisters and Brothers of the Sacred Heart (AMASC) brings together the national associations of these countries, with the goal of maintaining a network of mutual aid and friendship among its members, the Sisters and the schools of the Sacred Heart.

Specifically, it offers its members a service of welcome and hospitality; a newsletter reporting on what is happening in the national associations; a website; spiritual deepening and participation in the work of the religious in their educational missions.  A section dedicated to young people, “Young AMASC”, is being developed in order to provide young people leaving one of the 180 schools affiliated with the Society of the Sacred Heart worldwide with suitable opportunities.

Every four years, on the occasion of its General Assembly, AMASC organizes a large World Congress in the country of the outgoing president: it brings together several hundred alumni from all over the world for a number of days, the election of a new president and her team and times of exchange and reflection, particularly on the theme designated as the line of action for new mandates.

For her 2018-2022 term, the current AMASC President, Paola del Prete of Italy, has chosen as her theme, “Let’s live together the family of the Sacred Heart.” It is intended to encourage alumni, wherever they may be, to strengthen their ties with all the other components of the Sacred Heart Family: religious, schools, networks of school leaders, associates and volunteers, so that together, each making the most of their own talents and skills, they can better cooperate and contribute to the improvement of our world.

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The more we are willing to act together, the greater our strength will be!

Marie-Pascale de Drouas
Secretary, AMASC

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