Rose Philippine Duchesne Bicentennial Event for Summer 2018: Experience – Pilgrimage – Day of Festivity in Grenoble, France

On Saturday 5th March, the first meeting for the
Rose Philippine Duchesne bicentennial events 
for Summer 2018 took place in Boissac (Lyon).
The Team:  
We are eight people working on the project: Sophie Maille rscj, who is co-ordinating everything; Amelie Jarrousse rscj; Odile Ribadeau Dumas rscj; two young people from the Lyon area – Emmanuelle Martin and Etienne Degiovanni; Virginie Hamelin, Lay Associate and associated with Educ’Passion; Manuel Grandin S.J. – leader of the Magis network (France); Gabriel Pigache S.J. – Magis network, Lyon. 
The Project itself:
Five days experience in order to “go beyond one’s frontiers “ and to live a transformative experience…. whether with migrants, young people with disabilities or with social difficulties, drama or….
Then five days of pilgrimage to Grenoble, starting from Grane.
Ending with a day of festivity, spent in the footsteps of Philippine, in Grenoble.
The programme envisaged is as follows: 
Monday 17th July:   The launch of the experience, probably at Allex (near Grane), a large house of welcome run by the Spiritans, with possibility of accommodating a big group (100 beds + tents).
Sunday 23rd July:    End of the experiential stage and the launch of the pilgrimage (with routes in English in order to welcome the young Europeans of our networks).  The educational approach of the pilgrimage will be based on the spiritual journey which Marie-Therese Deprecq rscj and Nöelle Favet rscj will suggest for the whole province.
Saturday 28th July:  In Grenoble, final Eucharistic celebration, and an open-to-all festive day spent in the footsteps of Philippine.  [We have already been in communication with the Grenoble Diocese.]
Each stage can be done independently of the others.
We would like to have between 150 and 200 participants…
and we are inviting each RSCJ, and our friends in the Sacred Heart family
to spread the news about this plan and to invite young people aged between 18 and 35 years.
We have launched this beginning very happily; perhaps we don't realize how big the task is going to be!
As and when we make progress, we will be in touch with you, sharing our joys and our minor worries!  But for the present we are relying on your prayers.
Emmanuelle, Amélie, Etienne                    Manuel                            Odile, Sophie                            Gabriel                         Virginie          
Odile Ribadeau Dumas rscj
for the Team

Province |Belgium/France/Netherlands