Chile: Colegio del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in Concepción



“150 Years of Forming Women Who Announce the Love of the Heart of Jesus”

The Religious of the Sacred Heart in the community of Michaihue, Chile, has had a memorable week as part of this yearlong celebration of 150 years of our school in Concepción.
We began the week by celebrating Saint Madeleine Sophie, who is the daily inspiration at this Sacred Heart school.  Edith Opazo rscj was there with us on her visit as Provincial.  Sisters from other RSCJ communities were also present to celebrate with us in this mission entrusted to us by the Province. 

Some RSCJ present during the celebration (from left to right):  
Yerka Ivulic; Ximena Alarcón; Fidelina Arriagada; Ana Ramos; Sandra Cavieres;
Edith Opazo (Provincial CHI); Elvira Villarroel; Esther Romera (PVT from Spain on international experience); 
Queny Gredig; Josefina Guardarrama (PVT, Cuba); Doris Villegas and Nunciación Elmes.
The spirit with which the entire school participated in these celebrations is overwhelming. We also recognize the effort and time given by so many toward organizing events and seeing through so many details of these days. Above all, though, what shines through is the joy of feeling united in a common mission:  That of "forming women who are are capable of contributing positively in a wounded world."


The morning of Wednesday, May 27th, was special and memorable.  The faculty and staff of the school revived the era of 1865 with different characters from that time period.  The community of educators dressed as "Religious," "Teachers," "Bishop," and "photographers." This was to surprise the students who gratefully participated in classes on weaving, embroidery, painting, and home economics.
Then, in the afternoon, the celebration continued with a presentation in the Assembly Hall of our city, Concepción.  Special guests attending included Religious from different communities in Chile, local authorities, heads of different schools, former students and workers.

From right to left:  Sandra Cavieres rscj; Queny Gredig rscj; Nunciación Elemes rscj; Elvira Villarroel rscj;
Official from the municipality of Concepción; Edith Opazo rscj; School Head Luznelda Silva
Those who attended were surprised with poetry done by our 4 to 6 year old students, melodies played on the recorder by the Musical Arts teacher, Silvana Bobadilla, and a musical named "Our Heritage: A Call." The original script is written by the students Natalia Pérez and María José Arroyo with editing by History teacher, Paola Barril.  The original score is composed by English teacher Cristian Troncoso and arranged by Language teacher Diego Ruiz-Tagle.  Words are by Natalia Pérez with editing by Cristian Troncoso.  Visuals were done by Arts teacher Mary Ann Abos Padilla. The cast was composed of the students from first to twelfth grade.  The public enjoyed each re-created step of the journey taken by the Religious to found our school.

We give thanks for all of the recognition received and the kind words spoken about the Religious who have spent many years of ministry at this school, this school that remains clearly marked with the seal of the Sacred Heart.

Yerka Ivulic rscj and Ximena Alarcón rscj


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