Easter 2020: Letter to all the women and men who care for our sisters

To all the women and men who care for our sisters, especially in infirmaries and care centers for our elderly and infirm sisters 
Dear  Friends and Co-workers who are caring for our sisters,

On behalf of all the sisters in the Society of the Sacred Heart, we want to thank you for your generous service during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Every day when we pray, we pray for you and your families.  

We pray for caregivers, for nurses and doctors, for cleaners and kitchen staff and office workers, for administrators and pastoral care workers, for gardeners and maintenance workers, for drivers and laundryworkers, and all those who see to the many needs of our infirmed sisters.

We know that you are giving of yourself to help our sisters maintain their health and safety and live their religious life as much as possible in these difficult times.  

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat always said that generosity was the sign of a good vocation. Thank you for living your vocation with us, for your generosity of time and service and kindness. 

Easter reminds us that life can overcome death, that love can overcome fear and that God is with each one of us, even when we cannot see God or in times darkness.  

Know that we continue to pray for you and for those who you love.  May God be a source of Peace and Joy at this Easter time.

With love and prayer,

Barbara Dawson RSCJ
     Superior General
and the General Council


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