Pentecost 2020: Reflection and Prayer Guide

The JPIC International Team 
invites the Family of the Sacred Heart 
to reflect, pray, and share our
“Upper Room Experience.”
“What was the experience of Mary and the disciples in the upper room after the death of Jesus? They seemed to be afraid, confused and grieving. They could not see the way ahead – and yet it was out of this experience of vulnerability that Jesus breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:19-23). The Upper Room was the place where the role of the disciples in Jesus’ mission sharpened into focus.
What is our experience in our upper room of Pentecost as we grapple with the dark night of Covid-19? Like the disciples so long ago, we might be deep inside fear and grief. At the same time, we support others with our prayer and love. We may be living outside the upper room, engaging in different activities to help alleviate the crisis, or even starting to look ahead at life beyond this global pandemic. Where are we? How are our hearts? How is this global pandemic changing us personally, communally, and globally? What are we learning?”
We offer four downloadable documents to help us in our reflection and prayer.
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JPIC International Team

01 The Upper Room Experience - JPIC International Team

02 MSB & Epidemics - PKilroy

03 Pentecost - Reflection & Prayer

04 Gifts & Fruits of the Spirit

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