Japan: Typhoon Hagibis

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14 October 2019

Dear Sisters,

I would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the messages of concern and prayer that you have been sending us regarding the disaster we have been suffering from Typhoon 19 (Hagibis). Our Sisters and the school community did not suffer much damage, although the communities and the schools in Susono and Tokyo were quite near the route of the typhoon.

The typhoon was very strong, with much rain and wind; they say it is the strongest since 1958. The damage caused affected up to six Prefectures; many places near the riverside have been affected by flooding and others have also suffered from landslides. The rescue efforts are still continuing in isolated villages.
We are really feeling the effect of climate change. These past few years we have been experiencing strong typhoons annually, which brought about heavy floods each time.
We will try to do whatever we can to help those who are affected.
Thank you again, and we count on your continuing prayers, especially for those who have lost their lives, and their family members.

Japan Province
Mieko Uno rscj

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