Synod of the Amazon: Two faces of the Church meet

By pure chance and as a gift from God, I had the opportunity to be present at the Mass for the inauguration of the Synod for the Amazon. It was a profound experience of the Church, with all its contrasts.

The truth is that I imagined a Eucharist a little more inculturated and I came across a liturgy in Latin, with Gregorian chants that seemed to have nothing to do with Amazonia. Very different from the rituals full of symbolism that we have seen later in photos and videos. That distance puzzled me, but at the same time, it made me touch the fact that the Synod is an event for the whole Church. It was like seeing two faces of the Church face to face: the one with the classic and uniform schemes, and the one that walks muddying its feet. There were present the pastoral agents who share life with the indigenous people, but also people who perhaps fearfully awaited the new life brought by the Synod. 

The opening song asked for the light of the Spirit for the Pope and a spirit of listening and obedience for all. Every day I pray that the whole Church will listen to and obey the Spirit of Jesus.
Clara Malo rscj

Province |Mexico

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