Covid-19 Update: Australia-New Zealand

As of 27th March 2020

The Archbishop of Sydney recently wrote of drought, bushfires, floods and now plague. New Zealand could add volcanic eruptions, as well as the Christchurch earthquake and massacre. Our two country province has been one where the piercing of Christ’s heart has been taking place in recent years. People have experienced great vulnerability and trauma, and continue to feel the impact of homes and possessions having been destroyed. Hope and resilience are part of the spirit of both countries, and this global pandemic of COVID-19 is one further threat that needs to be lived.

As province, we are an older group of women with our average age being 86. We are three under 70. More than half the sisters are in aged care. As you will appreciate, these facilities are in lockdown. Like others, one of our challenges is how to remain in communication and connected with one another. We are encouraging our sisters, families and friends to use all means of communication available to them. We pray that each one of us is a compassionate presence to our sisters and also in and to our world with its many needs at this time of global crisis.

Lynette Toohey, in the name of the sisters of ANZ