Feast of Mater: Magnificat

This magnificat was written by Jimena O'Neill rscj (ARU)
on the occasion of the renewal of her vows
on May 25 this year.
On this feast of Mater Admirabilis,
we share her song of joy,
her renewal of commitment,
her gratitude for our vocation
in the Society of the Sacred Heart.
My soul is singing!
Let the wonders my Lord has done in me sing aloud!
I sing of the encounter of Your gaze with mine,
You never tire of searching for me, of meeting me, of centering and recreating me.
I sing because no-one looks at me as You do…
I sing, because looking at You I meet You, we meet each other.
I sing because in Your eyes I see time and time again 
that You are present, and You love me.
I sing because Your gaze calms me, encourages me, sustains me, focuses me
and draws me out of myself, leading me onwards, to more…
I sing because I cannot escape from Your gaze!
It always takes me to deeper truths.
I sing because only You know how deep You can bring me…
I sing because You are deeply bountiful…
I sing for Your revelation to me in those deep places…​ 
I sing because You have given me the grace of having seen You, 
having known You, Resurrected…
I sing because Life is truly stronger than death,
and today I can proclaim that the Cross has not been in vain 
and I can give witness to our faith…
I sing because You have made my body a meeting place,
a place of delight and also, of pain.
I sing of the gift of experiencing there my liberation…
I sing that You are teaching me to love it, 
to listen to it
and to nurture it, to share it by giving it back, freely.
I sing because You have transformed the core of my being into deep compassion…
I sing with Your smile in mine, shining through in Your loving presence
I sing my story, I sing my hurts,
and I sing the bubbling Source within me that issues from You.
I sing of the deep and unconditional love of my parents,
of their fidelity to that ever greater Love…
I sing of the cradle where with my siblings we learned  commitment, joy, kindness,
fun, annoyances, solidarity, suffering and forgiveness.
I sing because of the opportunity to become the elder sister, which I am…
In my entire family, Your infinite Love is proclaimed…
I sing deeply of my friends…freely gifted by God…
I sing of the gift of being a woman of relationship…
I sing that the least and the simplest will find their home in my heart.
I sing because the song of Your kingdom wholly captivated me, it stole my heart.
I sing because You looked at my humanity with its limited possibilities,
and it is solely from that place that You call me.
I sing for the gift of being a woman, ready to be totally and forever Yours.
I sing of the gift and the task of being an instrument,
a mediator and transparent witness of Your loving presence. 
I sing of the life of my sisters…
I sing of the gift of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
I sing because I do not sing alone, many others sing this song with me....
Jesus, make me into gift... a place and experience of comm(on)-union....

Jimena O´Neill rscj