Heartened by Sophie's life

  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus

From an early age, the daily family prayer, before the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, inspired Sophie to focus on the love of the Heart of Jesus. In my life I too desire to live in a loving and caring way.

For Sophie, her life of prayer, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and living in God’s presence, were the first priority in her life. In prayer, Sophie meditated on the interior disposition of the Heart of Jesus and, in this way, learned to love as Christ loved. As I reflect on the attitudes of Jesus in the Gospels, may I also, like Sophie, put them into effect in my life.

Sophie’s ability to live through difficult moments of the Society has inspired me to also remain focused on the challenging situations of my life by seeking in prayer the courage, strength and wisdom needed.  

Sophie stood up for what she believed in. I recall how Sophie stood up to Abbé de Saint-Estève when he was, among other things, intent on changing the name of the Society from “Ladies of the Sacred Heart” to “Apostolines” and presenting the Constitutions to the Pope for approbation.  Sophie wrote to him, letting him know it was for the Society to do this and not him. In my life, I, too, am called to stand up for what is true, no matter what the cost.

In conclusion, I am heartened by Sophie’s life to live as she did.

Khaemba Margret