A Hike toward the Interior

  • Photo by Conny Mateos rscj (MEX)
  • Conny Mateos rscj (1st one on the left) with the young women


For some time now in the province of Mexico,
we have organized for young women an experience
of walking among rural communities.
These experiences have to do with discovering
how God is made known in creation, in silence,
and in the encounter with indigenous communities. 
We share here the testimony of two youths
who participated in the last "hike."



My experience of this hike was that it was an encounter with myself to such a degree that I could talk to God, know God's marvels, and another culture.  It allowed me to reflect, give thanks, commit myself, and have peace and love to serve and share with others.  Receiving so many blessings of the people who offered us their attention was a call to give thanks to God for the life I have received. While meditating, there were some phrases that stood out for me- 'Love is free and in that same way we are to give it and receive it. It should not be calculated.' To have peace, one must 'be quiet, listen, and love.'  Young people, do not fear following God. Trust in him and you will know all that's he has prepared for you.   Your footprints are the only path...




Going on the hike was a unique experience.  It was a weekend where I had the opportunity to pause my life, my routine, and take time to think about myself, my projects, where I come from and where I am going. It was very interesting to be able to reflect and think about all of those things that I always want to think about but never have the time.  As well, the accompaniment given on the hike and the meditation points are quite helpful so as not to lose the thread of what one is thinking about and coming to understand. Without a doubt, I highly recommend this, as it is a space we should all give ourselves now and then.  And the coming together with the families there is the perfect complement for opening our hearts.

--Isabel Barroso--