Perpetual Profession of Yanina Candia (ARU)

On Saturday, 9th of February 2019
the Province of Argentina-Uruguay
celebrated the Perpetual Profession of 
Yanina Candia (Yenny) RSCJ.
"With a heart grateful to the God of Life,
I share with you some photos taken during my Perpetual Profession.
The Eucharistic celebration was deeply inspired by
my experience of God during our 30-Day Retreat....
Thank you to each one for your messages
and for being present with me, in spite of our geographical distance."
~ Yenny rscj  

The entrance procession, and the preparation of the altar.

Newspapers draped on the altar, to represent reality, our context.

Mariasun Fernández, who has accompanied Yenny in her formation, presents her before
María Amelia Planas, provincial.  This begins the dialogue in preparation for the Vows.

What do you ask of God and of the Church?
May God who has begun this work in you,
bring it to completion on the day of Jesus Christ.
Examination on the Vows....
Priest:  Rubén Martinez, Redemptorist.

At the moment of the Litany of the Saints

Pronouncing the formula of vows before María Amelia, who represents our Superior General.

Signing the documents of Perpetual Vows