Prayer for Vocations – March 2024

Prayer for Vocations – Monday Holy Week – 25/03/24

Today, prophet Isaiah and the Gospel of John invite us to reflect on the virtues essential for a life devoted to service, urging us to explore the interplay of humility, trust, and sacrificial love. Let us embark on this reflective journey, seeking insights from the timeless wisdom embedded in these readings, as we discern our own vocations and embrace the call to serve with humility and dedication.

The first reading from Isaiah 42:1-7 sets the stage by presenting a prophetic vision of the servant of the Lord. This servant is described as gentle, compassionate, and filled with the Spirit. The passage underlines the importance of humility in fulfilling one’s vocation. It challenges us to consider how we can embody these qualities as we engage in ministry, reminding us that true leadership comes from a place of selflessness.

The Responsorial Psalm 27:1, 2, 3, 13-14 echoes a theme of trust and reliance on God. The psalmist expresses unwavering confidence in the Lord, acknowledging Him as the light and salvation. This reading prompts us to reflect on our trust in God. In the face of uncertainty and challenges, the psalm encourages us to draw strength from our faith, understanding that God’s guidance is our ultimate source of assurance.

The Gospel passage from John 12:1-11 tells the story of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume. This act of devotion and generosity is met with criticism from Judas, who questions the use of such valuable resources. Jesus, however, defends Mary’s actions, recognizing them as a preparation for His burial. This passage emphasizes the importance of sacrificial love and the willingness to give of oneself in service. Mary’s extravagant gesture challenges us to consider the depth of our commitment to our vocation and the sacrifices we are called to make. Mary recognizes that Jesus is the person on whom she wants to pour out her treasure and her very self and that now is the right time to do it. With Jesus before her, she holds nothing back no matter how foolish and wasteful this might seem to some people. How about you? Do you freely pour yourself and give yourself wholly to Jesus despites what others might think?

The common thread emerges that a vocation in ministry is not merely a profession or a role; it is a calling that demands humility, trust in God, and a willingness to make sacrificial offerings for the greater good. Though Mary and Lazarus seem quiet, we can emulate their prayerful response to the presence of Jesus. Martha, for her part answers the call to service and helps create the environment in which this holy scene takes place. Lazarus simply reclines at table with Jesus. He accepts the grace given him, and his action is one of conscious and deliberate receiving, knowing he can never repay God for his gifts. Both Mary and Lazarus are holy because they are obediently participating in God’s plan.

As we journey closer and closer to Calvary with Jesus this week, may we all listen prayerfully to what the Lord may be calling us to do in any given situation, and answer that call with joyful hearts.

Reflective questions:

1. How can the qualities of the servant inform and shape your approach to ministry?

2. In what ways can you deepen your trust in God, drawing inspiration from the psalmist’s unwavering confidence ?

3. Reflecting on Mary’s sacrificial act, how can you manifest a spirit of generous and selfless love in your vocation ? 

Reflection by Rose Gichangi rscj
UGK Province




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