Praying the Novena together as we journey towards the Special Chapter

As the Special Chapter draws closer, we are inviting the whole Society to journey together in prayer to prepare our hearts and minds for these important days. It is a powerful thought to imagine every RSCJ praying the same prayers together during these days.

We are suggesting nine days of prayer leading up to the Chapter – a Novena.

We are offering you a simple format – an image, some music, a few words and a reflection suggestion. Some days, one of these may speak to you more than another. Go where you are drawn. Stay with whatever is helpful for as long as you want or are able.

Preparing a special prayer space for yourself and/or your community might be helpful during these days and throughout the Chapter.

Let us all hold each other and all the capitulants in prayer during this important time.

Watch the Novena videos and pray with us

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