Celebrating the feast of Mater Admirablis in Haregaon Community, India

After a year and a half of lockdown, it was a joy to come out in the open and celebrate Mater’s feast with a Mass in the boarding school of St. Theresa Girls Hostel. The boarding school girls were informed of the tradition of offering the white lily to Mater, symbolizing keeping their life pure. The community and boarders gathered around the image and prayed. Sr. Rita Pinto RSCJ accompanied the video with her singing of the hymn, “You have many portraits, Mother”. Sr. Rita Pinto lives in the Malvan community, India.

Hymn to Mater Admirabilis

You have many portraits, Mother,

All of them are known to us

But we cherish you most dearly

In your youthful gentleness                                                                                    

And the name we love most dearly

And the name that never fails-

Mater Admirablis, Mater Admirabilis.


Near you blooms the spotless lily,

Radiant virgin, full of grace

And your sinless soul is shining

In your tender, peaceful face

Make us grow into your likeness

Make us follow in your way,

Mater Admirablilis, Mater Admirabilis

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