Staff Development Day held at the Mother House on October 20, 2021

To celebrate the Feast of Mater Admirabilis, RSCJ and lay staff at the Mother House got together to talk about the upcoming Special Chapter, what it means, how it will affect our work, how it will benefit the Society, and how we can be part of the family of the Sacred Heart. After praying to Mater and an open forum, in which the staff brought up some of their main questions, RSCJ and staff met in small groups, which led to fruitful discussions in English, French, Spanish and Italian about the future of the Society, about the role of lay people in the family and mission of the Sacred Heart, and about how the Special Chapter will help strengthen the mission. The small group discussions were followed by a very animated and engaging plenary, full of joy and new ideas. The Mother House community and staff then went upstairs to have pizza in the dining room – a much-needed chance for everyone to get together, chat and connect, and a reminder that, in many ways, we already are a family.

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