Reflection on the JPIC Logo

I began this year's Lenten season with a dusting, a reminder of our finite journey and the need to make each moment count.

It was also an invitation for me to acknowledge who I am, a challenge to deeply open my heart to see what I can be and to gaze outwardly with the eyes of my heart on a world in need of justice and mercy for all.

First, I felt called to respond to the “lepers” in my life, those that I have excluded and to name my brokenness and to seek ways that I can be a more effective instrument of God’s love.

I then spent time gazing at the JPIC logo and allowing it to percolate in my heart.

As a whole the JPIC logo represented to me a sacrament of life. The centerpiece is the open heart of Christ, a beating heart, a heart of dreams where Christ is in all. I was also drawn to Sophie, a weaver of dreams, arms extended across the world and touching the elements that bring life and grace through the waters of Baptism, the rains that nourish the earth and the flame that represents life in the Spirit.

Later my focus of the logo became the spaces between where possibility lives, where I am called to personal accountability to transform and be transformed: “To see what You see” (cf. the Gospel of Luke).

Loving God,
Open me to the space between
where possibility lives,
where the opposite of poverty is justice,
where justice is love,
and where each one has enough.
Peggy Gorman
Halifax Associate

Province |United States and Canada

JPIC |Transforming Relationships