Selfless lines from the heart: An artistic representation of Sophie Barat

Drawing by Inmaculada Clavel, professor at Godella College

“Times change and we must change with them”


This is how I see St. Madeleine Sophie.

She is inspiration, she radiates light, energy, strength; through her one can create art.

She is creativity, vitality, freshness, simplicity.

She becomes more flexible and creative in moments of difficulty.

Creativity led her to transform education in her time, guided by her intuition, to get closer to the Heart of Jesus, speaking of Him with new languages that touched and still touch the lives of all those who truly know Him.

Her figure breaks down to give herself completely to others. The lines emerge from within, from her heart, from her simple figure, giving life and movement to the drawing.

She is selfless and extends herself wherever she goes, her humble gaze focused on others, on the little ones, always ready to embrace, to welcome, to accept.

In her, I see consistency, security, humanity, perseverance and confidence. A courageous woman, a fighter, flexible, adaptable to any era, able to bounce back in the face of adversity but following the lifestyle of Jesus, an unconditional love that exceeds all limits, as in the drawing.

I drew this image of St. Madeleine Sophie during the 2018/2019 school year. At that time some classmates were doing the Educators of the Sacred Heart course, and they had to do an activity on what St. Madeleine Sophie meant to them. They asked me to collaborate with them artistically (in addition to being a teacher, I studied fine arts) by making a drawing that reflected that question.

I went to the Blessed Mother’s Chapel, I observed and admired the carving, her expression, her gaze, her arms, her gesture of acceptance, welcoming, and listening. I noted her simplicity, her humility. I took a photo to keep her in my mind at all times. Then, when I got home, I drew her.


Inmaculada Clavel – Professor at Godella College

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