Thanksgiving prayer in Graz after the Special Chapter 2021

Chapel in Graz

Our community in Graz/CEU prayed after the closing of the Chapter, thanking the Holy Spirit for guiding and leading our capitulants and all those who were engaged in the Chapter process. We modeled it on the prayer that we used before and during the Chapter, but we changed the words for the moment after the closing of the Chapter. We would like to share this with the whole Sacred Heart family.

Spirit, Creator,
you make all things new,
you went ahead of us on the way.
You gave us light to see things in a new way,
you made us able to see the ways you are acting
in us, in others and in the world.

Spirit of discernment,
We say thank you for inspiring our sisters in the Chapter,
their thoughts, their words and the way they spoke them.
You guided their assemblies, and conversations
In their common search to better serve you.

Spirit of light,
dwell in each RSCJ in the whole family of the Sacred Heart,
so that we accept
the new orientations in your light
and so that your power enables us in acting and praying.


Section |International News|Special Chapter 2021

Province |Central Europe

Tags |oraciones|prayers|prières