“We celebrate life, we keep on growing!” — Golden Jubilee of Sacred Heart School in Paso Carrasco (Uruguay)

Lourdes Ramos rscj offering the tapestry of the school's Jubilee logo

On 18th October we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the School in Paso Carrasco as a great family feast!

We were a group of RSCJ and friends, spanning the special moments of the neighbourhood and of our history: former Principals, people from El Talar and Aires Puros, and so many whose names we don’t know. But they all had that very varied but distinctive look of the family of the Sacred Heart, a look we like so much!

The school patio was full: we thought it might rain… but it didn’t…

The Eucharist was a memorial Mass, in thanksgiving for the past; the celebrant was Josetxo García, Parish Priest of Paso…

“We are celebrating life, we keep on growing” was the motto for this special time of festivity,  thinking of yesterday, today and tomorrow!

As we recalled our history, begun by Madeleine Sophie, it was moving to see the names of so many Sisters. Dear Mother Susana Hita stood out among them! Each and every one had put all she had into the history of this neighbourhood and community.

The children performed various plays and songs, contributing by their heartfelt words to the school’s history, which for them is now!

At the Offertory, Lourdes Ramos rscj brought up the tapestry of the school’s Jubilee logo, and Ana Bentancor rscj contributed her words of thanks.

At the end of the Eucharist we laid the foundation stone of the new Secondary School, amid great applause.

Three words remain to express what we experienced: emotion, thanksgiving and commitment!

We were full of joy, and we who were there represented everyone!

Válery Jaques rscj and María Asunción Fernández rscj 
Provincial Animation Team
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