Advent: A Time of Sacred Silence

Photo by Victor Baltazar SJ


“The most comprehensive [disposition for Advent renewal] would be to make our Advent a time of perfect and sacred silence. Silence is the mother of prayer and the nurse of holy thoughts – Silence detaches, talking entangles us; silence makes us watchful over ourselves and guards us; talking, even needful talking, exposes us. If we keep silence perfectly for a week, how many faults disappear from our weekly confession – faults against patience, charity, obedience, conformity, discretion, etc. The best quality of holy fear is fostered by silence. The awe of God’s Presence would make us silent, and strengthened by silence. Who can break silence when penetrated with the Presence of God? Hope is also strengthened by it, since the silent soul is best instructed by the Sacred Heart; so also it has our Lord’s own private teachings of the Holy Ghost – and these always bring hope and sweetness to the soul.”

Janet Erskine Stuart rscj
From “Advent” in Prayer in Faith, pages 2-3.

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