“Let our prayers rise before you, O Lord” (Psalm 141:2)

 "The smallest efforts in spirit on the part of each one
contribute to the attitudes and energy that will help us
to live the Chapter open to the Holy Spirit.  
We count on your prayer…."
Kathleen Conan rscj
Superior General
June 2016


Very recently, in a conversation among ourselves, one of us said: “Let us say the prayer for the General Chapter every day at the end of Lauds.” These simple words awakened in me great inner joy.

I saw our “Houses for Elderly Sisters” as great thuribles, with precious incense rising up from them.  I saw each one of these "elderly sisters" as an evening offering… Perhaps, as mental faculties deteriorate and fail us, some can no longer speak about their offering. But before God their perfumed incense rises, inspired by all that has been in their lives. Today, at this moment in the Society, we all are a constant and silent prayer.

The tall columns, which in our statistics account for over half of all rscj, are columns of incense  —  a humble and joyful supplication for the Spirit to act in the Society.  We are collaborating well in the preparation and work of the Chapter.

I am convinced that the joy that is mine is also experienced by many other rscj throughout the world! How this joy grows as we share it with each other!

Rosario Méndez rscj
 Community of Chamartín, Madrid

Province |Spain

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