The Lord has invited me to “remain in His love…..”

The author, Viviana Mian rscj (right) with Válery Jaques rscj (ARU)

As I write, I am realising that a few months have passed since my profession on the 24th of May. How much has happened! And how much I continue to be grateful every day for the possibility of continuing to walk my journey, and the more I walk “I become freer in my search for You,” as sung by Cristóbal Fones sj. I walk with my heart full of gratitude and delight in the day-to-day of my Galilee here in Guadalupe (Uruguay)… because the Lord has invited me to “Remain in His Love…” What more could I ask for? I have been asked to share about that beautiful day we shared together, and so…

It was a deep experience of the gentleness and fidelity of God in my life and a covenant sealing of this “kindness” of the Lord Jesus towards me.

I have to say that when we were planning the celebration in community, I sometimes felt swamped by all the details I had to take into account (accommodation, chairs, lists, meals, house… etc,etc) but actually over those days we managed to plan everything very simply, in a happy, festive and family-like atmosphere!!!

It was a very intense experience full of affection and thoughtful attention from many people. Vane rscj arrived a few days ahead of time and she was wonderful in all that she did, generous and very hardworking!!! She helped to prepare the house, in regards to all that was needed to be able to receive people… a very special thanks to her!!!

And there are so many hidden details … Some days later I came across the photos of the sisters who had gone to collect chairs in pouring rain on the Saturday, and I was really dleighted to see their joy, smiles, their enjoyment! Dearly beloved sisters, I thank each of you so much, for so many hidden little details!!!

My family came, and how! They came in huge numbers, 38 in total counting brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and others. A veritable multitude. Later, over the following days, different people told me how moving it was when Father José invted every one (of my family) to stand up. And from my own family I am still hearing about how much they enjoyed themselves, what this event allowed them to share and live together… All of this of course brought me great joy, that goes without saying… Even my nieces and nephews who claim to be atheists were moved by the celebration, particularly the homily. They hardly even noticed that the celebration lasted almost two hours!!! They just haven’t stopped thanking for how welcome they felt, and they were in admiration of the warmth of it all: the celebration, the sisters, and all the people who welcomed them with so much affection.

On another note: what at times can seem to be impossible, God makes possible and keeps on surprising us!!! Our house became “elastic”, widening our tent to make space for so many people!!! I am touched when I remember the meal, when so many found a space one way or another, with such a huge circle in our patio, of family, sisters, friends, young people… such a lot of life and energy! Sacred, beautiful!    

The presence of so many communities of religious women and men was very meaningful for me. They were deeply touched by the warmth of the celebration, for all the little touches and above all when they witnessed the sisters giving me that blessing at the end, when I was ‘sent’ to remain in Guadalupe community.

This blessing below, which I received before my first profession and has accompanied me throughout all these years. I prayed for this strength to be renewed in me, because it speaks so much to my life, and I want it to continue to accompany me in the life I discovered and witness to today. It is “renewed” for the present reality, and here it is:

Viviana, chosen by God, loved by Him, we pray for you:

  • A heart filled with compassion, gentleness, warmth and affection.

  • That you will be able to recognise and accept the help of others, the ideas of others, the plans of others, and at the same time also offer all that you have to give.

  • That you will not be afraid to show your vulnerability: Jesus was not. Do not hide your shortcomings, celebrate your limitations.

  • That you will be always willing to learn from others. Be always ready to learn from others, to modify your point of view, and to give of yourself.

  • That you will always be happy meeting and being on the journey together with others, counting on your companions in mission.

  • Be grateful. 
That you will be infused with the Word of Jesus in all its richness.
Celebrate, relax, live sisterhood.
  • That Love will be the source of your life and giving of yiurself, so that you may OFFER THE GIFT YOU HAVE RECEIVED.

  • And that everything you may do in whichever community you find yourself may be done in the name of the Lord Jesus, for the Glory of His Heart, recognising that “from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace."

I am sure I am forgetting a great number of people and kindnesses, and I want to assure them of my gratitude: what I pray is that He, who is FAITHFUL, has embraced me in his love and invites me to “remain…” in this desire and reality that I want to live in daily fidelity.

Viviana Mian rscj         

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