Walking Together…. Beginning the Chapter….


Reflection after Week 1


We have often said that images are a better expression of ourselves than words … 

Our Chapter began with some images that are still accompanying us with their depth, their wisdom, their invitation and their provocation.  They speak to us and will probably continue to do so throughout all of this time.


During the first few days we were “building the group”.  With different tools and dynamics, with daily prayer in home groups and the silence that is enabling us to pause and to go deeper, we built up an atmosphere that is sisterly and close and which is undoubtedly helping us to enter into our searches and our reflections.

Then we moved on to develop a “collective image of the congregation … in its current ecosystem”, by means of a market place with different stalls at which each province expressed its life and its mission, and then presentations of reports on finances, probation, JPIC, UN-NGO and from the General Council.

Going round the different market stalls there was, in each of the realities represented, strong evidence of our passion for life and for mission; and it was also clear that everyone was interested in knowing, asking and allowing herself to be challenged …

Listening to the reports has provoked in us a deep gratitude to each sister for her service and her commitment; and we are especially grateful to the General Council for their positive and hopeful vision with regard to the future of the Society.  They have spoken of a ‘crucial moment’, of looking at Philippine and her audacity, so that together we might seek and give answers that the world and the emerging future are expecting of us as RSCJ.

Ma Asun Fernandez rscj and Válery Jaques rscj


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